Uchiwa and Tenugui

うちわ 未分類

Japanese paper fan, “Uchiwa”

Uchiwa is a round paper fan designed to cool oneself. The traditional uchiwa is made of bamboo, where one end is splayed into thin laths and covered with thick Japanese paper.
Nowadays, it is usually made of plastic and cardboard. Summer in Japan, which lasts from June to September, is oppressively hot and humid throughout the country, except in Hokkaido located in the northernmost of Japan.



That’s why we need uchiwa during summer. We often encounter free distribution of Uchiwa with advertisements near train stations and other places especially during festivals. Its design may not be as beautiful, but it’s really useful. Get it if you have a chance.

Uchiwa with advertisement

Uchiwa with advertisement

伝統的な団扇は、骨組みが竹製で、片方には放射線状になった骨組み部分に厚い和紙を貼り付けています。 といっても、そのようなものは高くてお土産かプレゼントで買うくらいなもの。
現代ではプラスティックと厚紙でできている、安上がりな製品が多く出回っています。 7月から9月までの数カ月は、北海道を除くほとんどの日本全土で高温多湿状態。だから、日本では絶えることなく団扇が必要とされ、使用されてきたのでしょう。

ただし、安上がりなほうで! 昔とは違い、団扇の紙の部分に広告を載せ、駅前やお祭りで無料配布されることが多いです。このようなものはオシャレではありませんが、あると役に立つので、蒸し暑さしのぎのためにぜひ受け取ってくださいね。

Japanese hand towels,”Tenugui”



Tenugui is the Japanese hand towel, used mainly as a towel or head covering. People wear them as headbands for absorbing perspiration. It was one of the most common household items up until a few decades ago.
Beautiful Japanese patterns are very popular.
It is good for gift or souvenir, at reasonable prices.
Of course, it has practical values. How to use this piece of cotton cloth is up to you – for example, as place mats, as tapestry for decorating homes, or as a shoulder strap of a camera.