【Osaka Castle】A big cherry blossoms event at night

大阪城夜桜 未分類

News 2016!

Opening Days   March 26-April 17 , 2016

Opening hours   9:00-22:00(lighting-up: 18:00-)

Admission fee  ¥350

Recent days of warm weather have propelled the cherry trees in Osaka and Kyoto into full bloom. Best Viewing: April 1 to 9 
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Osaka Castle Nishinomaru Garden

Osaka castle is renowned for its beautiful cherry blossom. During the cherry blossom viewing season, it blooms elegantly, decorating the majestic castle.
Please remember that, a big cherry blossoms event at night is held only at that time of the year when it blooms.


Time of bloom: from late March up to April

大阪城桜You can enjoy viewing cherry blossoms at night under the lights of Japanese paper lanterns. Moreover, It is free of charge to go around the moat surrounding the castle, so local people usually enjoy viewing there every year. Drinking party is also permitted there.



桜の名所として名高い大阪城公園。 お花見シーズンは、その威風堂々たるお城を美しく飾るように桜が咲き乱れるのですが、毎年開花の時期だけ夜間の特別開園が催されることでも有名。

ぼんぼりの灯りにともされて、夜桜が楽しめる。しかも大阪城のお濠の中に入るだけなら無料というわけだから、地元の人もここの桜を毎年楽しみにしていたりします。 敷物広げて酒盛りもOK。

大阪城_桜 You need to pay the admission fee for 350 yen as of 2016 at the Nishinomaru Garden.
Business hours are from 18:00 to 22:00 in the time of bloom.
If you want to have a good time under the cherry blossom trees, it is much better to go there earlier.





Osaka castle is located at the center of Osaka city and its area is 105.6 hectare. That’s why there are many train stations nearby. It is easy to get there by train like JR, Keihan and Subway, all surrounding the castle.



If you want to go to Nishinomaru Garden directly, you get off at Temmabashi Station of Keihan Line/Subway Tanimachi Line, or Tanimachi 4 Chome Station of Subway Chuo Line, and then walk for about 15 minutes.

Osaka castleOsaka castle

 Osaka Castle Nishinomaru Garden

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