Origami and crane

Crane 未分類

The art of paper folding: Origami

“Origami” (Paper folding) is one of Japan’s traditional arts. The word is a combination of Ori (folding) and kami (paper).

Origami is both a form of amusement and a skill of folding square papers without using paste or scissors to shape things such as birds, fish and helmets of ancient Japanese warriors, “Kabuto”.
The crane, especially, is widely recognized as the masterpiece of origami.


Paper crane / Photo: J Matsumoto

senbazuru: 千羽鶴

Senbazuru: 千羽鶴

A string of a thousand origami cranes is called “Senbazuru”. We give it to the sick to wish early recovery from illness or injury, and a long life. Most Japanese can fold at least a crane.

The way to fold a crane is introduced on the Internet (YouTube). Just enter the keywords “How to Make a Paper Crane” or “Origami” to be able to search for it.


Paper Koinobori: Fish

Hina dolls

Paper hina dolls




鶴の折り方は You Tube で数多く紹介されているので、“How to Make a Paper Crane” や “Origami” で検索してみてください。

Crane design

Crane is something special for Japanese. It is valued as a symbolic animal for long life, and crane design is often used for decoration for auspicious events such as wedding kimono. When searching “crane wedding kimono” on Google Images, you will find images of ornate wedding overgarment called “Uchikake”.

The crane, which is a larger bird with long neck and long legs, actually appears a lot in traditional Japanese folktales and paintings because of its beauty.


Crane desigin ! Kadomatsu decoration


Design:TSURUYA YOSHINOBU, Avenerable Japanese sweet shop

“The Crane of Gratitude (Tsuru no on gaeshi)”, for example, among Japanese classical stories is very famous among Japanese.
I would like to introduce the illustrations of Chihiro Iwasaki, a Japanese artist, in the website below. Her illustrations are drawn just like the image of beautiful cranes that Japanese people imagine about.



“crane wedding kimono” でGoogle画像検索すると、“Uchikake” という婚礼衣装を見ることができます。